About Green Technology Park (GTP)

The Green Technology Park, GTP is conceptualized and developed by NEXTGREEN GLOBAL BERHAD as a pioneering green industry model. GTP revolutionizes the printing and publishing industry by providing a new source of sustainable pulp and paper from palm oil biomass, as well as integrating innovative renewable energy and zero waste technologies in the park’s operations.

GTP operates using PRC-RBMP technology, a Malaysian-owned, patented technology that effectively utilizes Empty Fruit Bunches (“EFB”) waste. The bio-integrated ‘zero waste’ technology in Green Technology Park creates a green sustainable model in Malaysia. At GTP, we strive to be the benchmark for sustainable development not only in Malaysia but also internationally.

Due to the high consumption of paper and paperboard, Malaysia has long been a net importer of pulp paper and paperboard, losing billions of ringgit each year due to importation costs. Through the usage of our technology, GTP is able to reduce the country’s reliance on imports, thus providing Malaysia with security in regards to paper supply source control.

Our Mission

To accelerate the world’s transition to green & sustainable products.

Our Vision

To be a next-generation green company.

To create a Malaysian Green Industrial Model.

Our Management
We’re looking for people with genuine enthusiasm towards contributing to a sustainable world. We capture a wealth of skill, energy, and enthusiasm!

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