The Next Generation of Green.

Green Technology Park is an Eco-innovative industrial Park driven by Global Green Growth. Towards green civilization and create a green future.

Journey of GTP begins

GTP (PEKAN) will be comprised of integrated pulp &
paper mills, a  feed mill, a fertilizer plant, light industries,
wetlands, a recreation lake

Our Technology

GTP consolidates all the technologies integrated renewable energy into a whole
‘Zero Waste’ model. GTP has the necessary know-how with patented technologies
and experience to develop both the technology and the industry.


The GTP is aimed at converting waste residues into a useful and green product, utilising energy generated from the park’s waste itself.


 There are different types of biomass residues from Oil Palm industry (OPI) that can be used, namely: Empty Fruit Bunches (EFB) and Oil Palm Fronds (OPF)