Next Generation

of Green

The transition towards a greener, more sustainable future is a global objective. A circular economy with emphasis on renewable energy, restoration, and the elimination of waste provides the foundation for a green economy that can reduce environmental risks and drive us towards sustainable development.


Journey of GTP


The GTP is an Eco-innovative, self-sustaining Industrial Park set in Pahang. As a pioneer in the green technology industry, GTP integrates renewable energy and zero waste technology with its operations. At the core of the GTP are the pulp and paper mills, specially designed for the production of non-wood green paper made from oil palm empty fruit bunch (EFB).

Our Technology

GTP consolidates all the technologies integrated renewable energy into a whole ‘Zero Waste’ model.
GTP has the necessary know-how with patented technologies and experience to develop both the technology and the industry.

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Our patented PRC-RBMP technology is able to effectively convert oil palm empty fruit bunches (EFB) into pulp and paper.


The GTP is aimed at converting waste residues into a useful and green product, utilising energy generated from the park’s waste itself.


There are different types of biomass residues from Oil Palm industry (OPI) that can be used, namely: Empty Fruit Bunches (EFB) and Oil Palm Fronds (OPF)